Suresh Kondepudi

I'm a M.Sc. Robotics student at Arizona State University, Tempe.

I am Interested in Robot Control, Planning and Estimation. I am currently pursuing a Masters Thesis with Dr. Nakul Gopalan in the Logos Lab.

I've prior worked as a Robotics Engineer for Eternal Robotics, where my efforts were on programming systems on STM32 and TI-Embedded platforms for guided ground robots. I also worked at Mahindra & Mahindra as a Graduate Engineer Trainee where I contributed to their automation systems on their Automobile manufacturing line.

During my Bachelor's at in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Mahindra École Centrale, I worked on Kalman Filter based Estimation for Battery Management Systems under Dr. Gopinath G R.

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Monocular Depth Estimation

Turned a Smartphone camera into a Camera – IMU system to estimate distance, utilizing Affine Homography and a Kalman Filter observer. Compared against other VIO frameworks, such as VINS-Mono and ROVIO, and optimized for better performance.

AUVMEC: A Semi-Autonomous Underwater Robot

Co-founder and Electrical-Software team lead for AUVMEC-2020. Designed and developed the electronics and control subsystem for the AUV. Implemented high-level control algorithms and safety systems with sensors for the semi-autonomous vehicle.

IMU Orientation Visualization using OpenGL

Using a RP-2040 mcu, I build a OpenGL visualization tool to understand the current orientation of a hand-held device. Further Implemented orientation estiamtion filters for smoother function.

A Self Balancing Gough-Stewart Platform

As part of my internship at IIT-Delhi, I built a 6-axis Parallel robot called the Gough-Stewart Platform using 6 linear actuators and an Arduino. I futher integrated an Inertial Measurement Unit and gave it the ability to self-orient itself to counter gravity.

Inspired by source code.